Best Radar Detectors

Best Radar Detector Reviews – Buyers Guide for 2018

Find our Best Radar Detector Reviews, comparison charts and buying guides Nowadays Radar Detectors have become very important as they are the only source of saving you from the expensive speeding tickets. Radar detectors are something that you should have and utilise not only to save yourself from speeding tickets but also keep yourself safe from unforeseen incidents. With the growing popularity, radar detectors have become an important addition to your car accessories list.

The Winners! – Best Radar Detectors

Top-End Pick – Escort Max 360

Undoubtedly our #1. pick for the best radar detector because Escort Max 360 is one such detector that provides you total protection, it’s the safest detector to rely on it comes with all the features a Radar Detector can have, GPS, OLED, Voice Alerts, you name it!  also it can do wonders with it’s mobile app Escort live. So I’ll say this is the best bang for your buck you wouldn’t regret going by our recommendation and love us for this suggestion.

Low-Budget Pick – Whistler CR90

Bar none, It is the best low budget radar detectors. It comes packed with all the brilliant features likes the ability to detect high range radars, GPS that can detect speed camera, red lights and speed traps, adjustable OLED display and voice alerts. If you are here on this page reading this article looking for a Radar Detector then no matter what you would be able to afford at least this product if you looking for something cheap AF.

There a lot of options in the market. Not only are there different models but too many manufacturers as well. While some of them have quite amazing features, some of them are a little affordable and some are quiet pricey. All of them have a lot features to look out for. To make the selection decision easy for you, here we have reviewed the Top 10 Best Radar Detectors in the market currently.

We have reviewed everything in detail from the alert features, control features, detecting bands, sensitivity feature, GPS enabled, Bluetooth equipped, display features, voice alerts feature, case construction to smartphone compatibility.  All the radar detectors mentioned below come with the latest technology and offer a wide range of features while saving you from the speeding tickets.


Laser Detection
Bluetooth Equipped
Autolearn GPS
Multi-Color LED display

Escort Max2 Radar Detector

Laser Detection
Bluetooth Equipped
Autolearn GPS
Multi-Color LED display
Rating: 4.5

Escort 360 Max
Radar Detector

Laser Detection : Yes
Bluetooth Equipped : Yes
Autolearn GPS : Yes
Multi-Color LED display : Yes
Anti-falsing : Yes
Undetectability : No
Rating: 4.9

Valentine One Radar

Laser Detection
Bluetooth Equipped
Autolearn GPS
Multi-Color LED display
Rating: 4.5

Whistler CR90 Radar Detector

Laser Detection
Bluetooth Equipped
Autolearn GPS
Multi-Color LED display
Rating: 4.7

Escort Redline Radar Detector

Laser Detection
Bluetooth Equipped
Autolearn GPS
Multi-Color LED display
Rating: 4.6

Top 10 Best Radar Detectors – Fit for everyone’s Budget

  1. Escort Max 360
  2. Valentine one
  3. Escort Redline
  4. Escort Max Passport 2
  5. Beltronics pro500
  6. Cobra DSP 9200 BT
  7. Whistler CR90
  8. Beltronics V10
  9. Radenso pro SE
  10. Whistler CR93

Now let’s start with the reviews of these Top 10 Radar Detectors

 #1 Best of them all – Escort Max 360 Radar Detector 

Escort Max 360 is a very capable radar detector that offers too many features. Though the price is high, but it makes up for it when compared with the amazing and numerous features it has to offers and the ultra-high performance it provides.

It has dual antenna–a front and rear facing that provide arrows. It uses digital signal processing (DSP) that provides high levels of signal processing performance and helps in filtering many false alerts

4.8 Overall
Radar Range

Escort Max 360 detects all frequency bands: X, K and Ka. It has 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, Auto and Auto No X, with the highway setting being the most sensitive. It removes all false-alert filters and notifies you of all the threats detected. In the Auto mode, the sensitivity adjusts according to your speed and is best for city settings. While in the Auto No X mode, the detector does not detect the X-band, as it is the most commonly used radar in automatic door openers and various other motion detectors.

The most popular feature of Escort Max 360 is that along with the direction, it also shows the left and right side as well and also the colour of the light. This provides exceptional awareness of all the threats. By pairing the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can access the Escort Live app. Here you can receive as well as share real time threats and updates with fellow drivers. 

Escort max 360 is equipped with the latest GPS technology. It also comes with a pre-installed defender database that includes alerts about innumerable red-light and speed cameras. It also alerts you about over-speed; it helps you in being under the posted speed limit.

Escort Max 360 has the extreme range and quick response. Though the price is a little high, the commendable features and excellent range it offers are worth the price. It comes with a one year warranty.

One drawback of Escort Max 360 is its large size. Another drawback being, the arrows which are very slow in transition.  It has an exceptional colourful OLED display and amazing metering options, but the display is difficult to read in bright lights and under sunlight.

It is the best radar detector according to not only us but this is the best product that is recommended by most of the other websites covering information about radar detectors too, as we went through most of the radar detector reviews on the internet as well and from my personal experience, I can say that this is not a product that will disappoint you. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Escort max 360 as it is The Best Radar Detector.


  • 360 degree protection
  • Capable of detecting police radar much faster than various other radar detectors
  • Has 8 times bigger range than police radar
  • Very quick detection
  • 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, Auto and Auto No X
  • Built in GPS and pre-loaded defender database
  • High sensitivity and detection of all frequency bands: X, K and Ka
  • High quality OLED display in 4 different colours
  • Directional and coloured arrows.
  • Escort Live community sharing app
  • The updating process is very simple and quick
  • Bilingual voice alerts that are very clear
  • 1 year warranty
  • One of the simplest and easy to use device.


  • Large and heavy construction and size
  • Display can be difficult to read
  • Construction quality not so robust
  • Expensive
  • Detection performance compromised while filtering K-band
  • Complex user interface
  • Requires defender database subscription after 60 days

Key Features to Consider

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#2 RecommendationValentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One is a refined radar detector that has very unique features. It is very different in nature than the other radar detectors. It is a very technical and uncompromising radar detector.

It is best when going on a long-distance trip or high-speed driving trip.  It has amazingly high efficiency in receiving high alerts to any kind of radar threats, which makes it one of the best radar detector available in the market.

4.4 Overall
Radar Range

Valentine One radar detector offers dual antenna i.e., a front and a rear facing radar antenna that provides directional arrows pointing towards the direction from which the radar threat source is appearing. The dual antennas ensure 360 degree protection. It also indicates the number of radar threats also known as ‘bogeys’ detected via its directional arrow alert, making it unique amongst all other radar detectors.

Valentine One provides excellently high performance and gives full coverage for all kinds of signals. It can detect all radar bands like X, K, Ka and Ku band. SAVVY is an external module that can be plugged in, it serves a speed threshold. It has an amazing speaker and volume control that makes the voice alerts clearly audible you still have the option to connect your earphones to make the voice alerts even more audible.

Valentine One has dependable and simple to use set of controls with an amazing, basic and simple user interface. The controls can be customised according to your needs. You can adjust the volume of the alert based on your preference. You can either lower the volume or mute it down completely. Quality and durability of Valentine One radar detector is brilliant. The construction is of die-cast magnesium, which provides additional physical longevity. It can be reprogrammed anytime according to your requirements

A major drawback of Valentine One is the lack of recognizing the false alerts. It will alert you of all the motion detectors, automatic door openers and various other false threats that come along your way. But the voice alert system has various amazing settings that will prevent you from getting annoyed by the frequent false alerts.

Another important feature that Valentine One lacks is the GPS technology and photo enforcement database. As a result, it cannot alert you of the numerous red light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps


    • Dual front and rear antennas
    • Excellent detection of all bands including X, K, Ku, Ka and POP3
    • 360-Degree protection˜
    • Directional arrows towards threat location
    • Quick and accurate detection of threats
    • Bogey counter that informs about the number of threats
    • The most sensitive and long range radar detector
    • Exceptional filtering K-band CAS
    • Visual and audible band identification
    • Programmable controls and features
    • LED signal strength meter
    • Silent modes for false alerts
    • Die-cast magnesium case
    • Reprogrammable
    • 1 year warranty
    • Very reasonable price


  • Absence of GPS and photo enforcement database
  • Difficulty in programming without Bluetooth and smartphone app
  • Limited auto-muting options
  • Without Bluetooth frequency of Ka-band radar cannot be displayed
  • Not stealthy and Can be detected by radar detector detectors (RDDs)
  • Inability to filter out false alerts.

Key Features to Consider

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#3 For the Racer Cop Chaser – Escort Redline Radar Detector

Escort Redline Radar Detector is one of the most sought after choice of most of the drivers because it is the most sensitive and effective radar detector. It is a very easy to use and a very professional radar detector out there. It can track up to 8 radar signals simultaneously, making it a perfect choice under all circumstances. It has very long range detection abilities.

4.5 Overall
Radar Range

Escort Redline has a dual antenna system (front and rear) which provides an excellent range, making it the most efficient and effective device for detecting various threats. The dual antenna is one of the best features of Escort Redline radar detector that offers ultimate protection from all kinds of police radars. It has superior detection ability of all X, K and Ka band frequencies. It is a perfect choice for those who like safe driving with the best protection. These excellent features somehow cover-up for its expensive price tag.

Escort Redline Radar Detector has three levels of sensitivity settings that are highway, Auto No X and Auto. Highway setting being the most effective one in removing all the filters and alerts. The Auto No X turns off all the X-band frequencies, hence lowering the number of false alerts coming from various motion detectors.

Another excellent feature is that it is invisible to almost all radar detector detectors (RDD), including the VG-2 and Spectre. It provides commendable un-detectability.

Escort Redline has very low number of false alerts, which most of the radar detectors lack, making it a professional radar detector. The DSP technology is very effective at detecting and filtering the false alerts.

The display is another wonderful feature as it offers great visibility under all conditions, so the driver doesn’t get distracted anytime. You can set a fixed brightness level according to your preference, which includes the full dark mode as well. The display text is highlighted in coloured graphics. The display is also energy efficient, resistant to scratches and very durable.

It provides digital voice alerts that are very clear and audible. You can adjust the volume according to your preference. You can always mute the volume button during radar detection.  The Auto-mute feature, allows the volume to get back to the pre-set level after the threat has been detected. You turn off the Auto-mute feature if you wish to.

The built of Escort Redline is very robust and is made with high quality of plastic, which can withstand any type of rough use. It can be mounted on the windshield with ease. The high price of this radar detector looks apt considering all of these amazing features.

The biggest drawback of Escort Redline is the lack of GPS else this would have been our Number one pick for the Best Radar Detectors, The lack of GPS  limits its abilities to detect red lights, speed traps and speed cameras hence we had to choose the Escort Max 360 as the top pick. But it is compatible with the Escort Smart-Cord that allows the radar detector to connect with Bluetooth and communicate with the Escort Live app, in which you can get all the real-time alerts from fellow drivers. This feature somehow backs-up the lack of GPS to some extent.


  • Very simple operation and easy to use
  • Dual antenna design that provides the longest and excellent sensitivity to the detection range
  • Very quick and instant detection of police radar
  • Three levels of sensitivity settings i.e., highway, Auto no x and auto
  • Stealthy design that cannot be detected by most of the RDDs
  • Ability to distinguish the actual frequencies of police radar from non-police radar in lightning speed
  • Very minimal false alerts
  • Digital voice alert that is very clear and audible
  • High definition and easy to read LED display that offers excellent visibility in all conditions
  • 5 levels of brightness control including the full dark mode
  • It is quiet durable with the high quality construction internally as well as externally
  • Warranty of one year


  • Expensive
  • Lack of the GPS which results in lower detection of red light and speed cameras
  • No over-speed alert
  • Lack of Auto-Learn feature that aids in filtering out false alerts

Key Features to Consider

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#4. Recommendation – Escort Passport Max2 Radar Detector

Escort Passport Max2 is one of the best radar detectors. It maximizes its potential and provides accurate radar detection. It has a strong signal pickup technology. It can pick up X, K and Ka band frequencies. Though it is pricey, it is a valuable radar detector.

4.5 Overall
Radar Range

Escort Passport Max2 has 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, Auto, and Auto No X. Each one has its own significance and can be fine-tuned. The Highway mode alerts you about all the threats it can detect from miles away. The Auto mode tracks alerts within the area automatically and is best suited for driving around the city. The Auto No X mode is the best when driving within the city or densely populated areas as it removes all the X-band signals that come from various motion detectors.

Escort Passport Max2 has built-in GPS and helps in detecting false alerts to much higher level. It can easily understand which signal is accurate and which one is a false threat. Along with GPS, it is also equipped with a pre-installed defender database that has thousands of speed and red-light camera locations in it. It also alerts you if you exceed the speed limit. The Auto-learn feature locks out locations of false alerts with the help of GPS, making the Escort Passport Max2 one of the accurate radar detectors.

It integrates well with the Escort Live app, which is a sharing community with the help of Bluetooth. It allows you to receive and share various threats and alerts in real time with fellow drivers.

The OLED display of Escort Passport Max2 is simple and bright. The information is easily readable at a quick glance. It shows you alerts along with signal strength, speed limit and your speed. The voice alerts are pretty clear and audible. The volume of voice alerts can be adjusted with the array of buttons provided. However, you have an Auto-mute button to mute the voice alerts.  

The main drawback of Escort Passport Max2 is its lack of directional alerts. It does not show directions from which the signal is coming. Another drawback of Escort Passport Max2 is the bulky case and bigger construction. It comes with one year warranty.


  • More potential in radar detection
  • Long range and high sensitivity detection of radars
  • Pick up X, K and Ka band frequencies
  • 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, Auto and Auto No X
  • Bright and readable OLED display
  • Built in GPS and pre-loaded defender database
  • Integration with Escort Live App
  • Clear and audible voice alerts
  • Alerts over-speed
  • Good sensitivity
  • Handy speed notifications
  • Eliminates false positives
  • 1 year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Non-standard 12 volt power cord
  • It doesn’t have directional alerts.
  • The Escort Live app requires a monthly subscription after one year.
  • Bulky case

Key Features to Consider

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#5 Recommendation – Beltronics Pro 500 Radar Detector

Beltronics Pro 500 is one of the best radar detectors in this price range. It has the benefits of advanced GPS technology along with accurate detection of radars. It provides the best protection by detecting all 3 radar bands: X, K and Ka and also provides 360-degree detection. It can also detect the “POP” mode threats.

Review 4
4.3 Overall
Radar Range

The built-in GPS is one of the best features of Beltronics Pro 500. It is also preloaded with speed camera, speed traps and red-light camera locations.  It also allows you to mark locations that give false alerts, along with protecting you from the various threats that come your way.

Beltronics Pro 500 has a long range of detection. It is able to capture 4 times more distance than the police radars, thanks to the amazing antenna design it is built with. The digital signal processing (DSP) analyses and filters all the signals it receives and rejects all the false alarms that are encountered. It has a very high sensitivity that helps you in remaining focused on real threats.


One of the unique features of Beltronics Pro 500 is that it is customisable. Users can customize it based on their needs. Programming the radar bands, adjusting filtering options. 4 different levels of brightness, multiple display option selection, customisable audio alerts etc., are few of the many options that can customise according to your needs and driving. Beltronics Pro 500 has a LED display that is clearly visible and can be read from any angle. The brightness of the LED display can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Another amazing feature of Beltronics Pro 500 is its compatibility with Escort Live app. You can integrate with the app by using a Smart-Cord. The Escort app provides excellent threat sharing and real time traffic alerts. You can receive alerts as well as share alerts about various threats to fellow drivers. The Smart-Cord also provides easy access to mute alerts controls and mark locations. It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Beltronics Pro 500 lacks the Auto-learn feature that combines the digital signal processing (DSP) data with the geographical locations with the help of GPS. Since this feature is not present in Beltronics Pro 500, you might receive more false alerts. However, you can mark the location and block the false alerts manually.


  • Preloaded database of various red light and speed cameras that provides excellent road awareness
  • Advanced GPS technology
  • Effective filtering of false alerts
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Clear voice alerts
  • 360 degree protection
  • Preloaded database
  • Customisable LED display brightness, Voice alert volume, auto-muting etc.
  • Alert-Lock feature
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy Advanced Programming


  • Lack of Auto-learn technology
  • Manual saving of false alerts
  • Older version of digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Complicated interface

Key Features to Consider

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#6th Pick by our experts – Cobra DSP 9200 BT Radar Detector

Cobra DSP 9200 BT as the name indicates, offers digital signal processing (DSP) which enhances the performance of this radar detector. The DSP features enables in recognising and filtering the real threats from various other false alerts coming from the automatic door openers.

4.1 Overall
Radar Range

It is one of the most effective, intense and precise radar detector. It has 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, City and Auto-City. Highway mode offers the most unfiltered alerts, whereas the City and Auto-City modes have reduced sensitivity to X-band. Cobra DSP 9200 BT has the most exceptional recognition of K and Ka band. The price is also quiet affordable, taking into consideration the amazing features it has to offer.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT has the best Bluetooth compatibility in the market and an amazing range of bluetooth features but it depends on your smartphone for the utility of these features. The built-in Bluetooth enables pairing with your smartphone. It has the advanced capability of audio routing. It is also helpful in using the iRadar app that provides photo enforcement database. It offers various features like GPS positioning, navigation support and on-screen reports.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT again relies on your smartphone to operate GPS and connect the iRadar app that provides all the real time traffic updates. The GPS enabled iRadar app is very beneficial as it connects your smartphone to the most amazing community-sharing feature, where fellow drivers update about threats like red-light cameras, speed traps and cameras, police speed monitoring and various other safety issues.

Various other features like Speed-mute, Auto-mute mode, Quiet-drive, Auto-City and TFS rejection help in eliminating false alerts. The Auto-City mode switches to highway mode from City mode automatically based on your speed. The Quiet-Drive feature activates a muted driving mode that gives lesser audible alerts. This feature can be used when you are travelling with a co-passenger and are in a conversation with them.

The display of Cobra DSP 9200 BT is quiet vivid. It is very bright and colourful, making it readable in almost all kinds of lighting. It uses advanced frequency mode that gives a clear sign of the alerts that are detected.

One drawback of Cobra DSP 9200 BT is its low sensitivity of K-band. Another drawback of Cobra DSP 9200 BT is its difficulty in pairing Bluetooth with other devices.


  • High sensitivity to date on K and Ka band
  • Good sensitivity to other police radars
  • Excellent DSP that gives minimal false alerts
  • Amazing sensitivity and long range
  • Built-in Bluetooth that has amazing features
  • Strong construction with amazing tactile feel
  • iRadar photo enforcement database
  • Audio alerts can be redirected to a Bluetooth headset or car stereo
  • Bright and colourful OLED display
  • Small size
  • Simple setup


  • Average and not so good DSP
  • Low sensitivity to X-band
  • Low effectiveness in filtering K-band CAS
  • Cannot use GPS without a smartphone
  • POP detection is missing

Key Features to Consider

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#7 Best Low Budget Radar Detector – Whistler CR90 Radar Detector

The Whistler CR90 is one of the best radar detectors at a very affordable price and with all the brilliant features likes the ability to detect high range radars, GPS that can detect speed camera, red lights and speed traps, adjustable OLED display and voice alerts. 

Whistler CR90 has 3 sensitivity modes namely Highway, City and City 2.  While on City mode, the detector reduces all the false alerts caused by automatic door openers and various devices that uses X band frequency, whereas City 2 mode completely cuts off all the X band frequency alerts. On the other hand, Highway mode detects all kinds of signals providing maximum range of detection. It is one of the Best Radar Detector Under 200! 

4.3 Overall
Radar Range

With the help of GPS, you will be able to track your vehicle’s location, speed, direction and various other information. It will also alert you of any red light, speed camera or speed traps on your way. You can also manually mark any location, and it will alert you when you pass through the same location next time. It is also very effective in eliminating all the false alerts in your frequently travelled route.

Whistler CR90 has different display modes. The auto-dim feature automatically adjusts depending on the light around you. It is best for night time driving as it helps in reducing any kind of distraction. But you also have the option of adjusting it manually according to your preference. The dim mode reduces the display to a dimmer light, whereas the dark mode reduces the brightness to zero and will black out only when a signal is detected.


The Auto-quiet mode is another feature of Whistler CR90 that is quiet helpful. It reduces the volume back to level 1 within 5 seconds of signal detection. This helps in cutting off the noise level and reduces distraction. If you do not wish to receive any audio alerts, you can mute all alert tones manually with the help of Quiet button.

Stay alert is another great feature which helps you to stay alert while driving. You will receive 2 quiet beeps initially and upon failing to deactivate which, it will start a loud alarm. It can be mounted on the windshield easily. It has a warranty of 2 years which is very rare in the market. With such amazing features, the Whistler CR90 radar detector is great value for money.

The lack of a community based interaction app in Whistler CR90 is a major drawback since it prevents from sharing any alert information about any threat or speed cameras, with fellow travellers as well as you will not be able to receive any such alerts. Another drawback is the lack of over speed alert, but the GPS vehicle speed feature covers up for this.


  • Excellent sensitivity of radars
  • GPS feature which can track all the red lights, speed cameras and various false alarms
  • Affordable price
  • 3 levels of sensitivity: Highway, City and City 2 mode
  • Ability to hide from all RDDs
  • Great false alarm resistance
  • Stay alert feature
  • External Audio Jack 
  • Auto quiet feature
  • Self-Test when powered on
  • Auto Dim and dim/dark display mode
  • Reset feature
  • 2 years warranty


  • Lack of community sharing app
  • No Bluetooth interactivity
  • Lack of over speed alert

Key Features to Consider

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#8. Best Radar Detector Under $100 * – Beltronics V10 Radar Detector

Beltronics V10 is a simple and effective radar detector. The amazing and numerous features it has, make it an excellent choice. It is equipped with 9 bands frequency of radars and can alert you of X, K & KA bands. It is also capable of detecting all signals and provides 360 degree detection.

4.1 Overall
Radar Range

Beltronics V10 has a very fast microprocessor that can detect and process a signal in less than second. Beltronics V10 has 3 sensitivity modes: Highway, Auto-Scan and City mode. The Highway mode being the most sensitive one as it turns off all the filters and alerts you to all the radar signals it detects. And the Auto-Scan mode uses digital signal processing (DSP) to analyse the detected radar signals and differentiate them from false and real threats. This mode is suited for most driving, especially in a populated area.

If you are looking for Radar Detector under $100 then you will have a hard time finding a good radar detector. But this one is close check out the latest price on amazon.

Beltronics V10 is not visible to RDDs. The radar detector detectors (RDDs) cannot detect it and it alerts you when it detects an RDD in the vicinity. It provides 360 degree detection by capturing signals from all the directions. Constant digital voice alerts keep you informed of all the threats without distracting you. You will never have to take your eyes off the road.

Beltronics V10 has a bright display and comes with 3 brightness modes: bright mode, dim and dark. You change the brightness of the display anytime by using the dim button. While on the dark mode, the light is will blink in specific intervals inform it’s functioning. The voice alerts off by making use of the mute button, where the voice alert volume will go down within 4 seconds after detecting the signal. It is small in size and very light and easy to handle. It can be easily mounted on either the dashboard or windshield of the car.

A major drawback of Beltronics V10 is that you may receive too many false alerts, especially within the city, where automatic door openers and motion detectors are very common and can be found too often. But the City mode can help in this situation to a certain extent by removing the X-band from detection, as the X band causes most of the false alerts.

Another drawback is that it lacks built-in GPS, without which you cannot be alerted to speed cameras, red-light cameras, speed traps and other real time traffic updates. You will also not be able to track your speed and get a warning when you have exceeded the speed limits. You also cannot mark the false alerts that are repeated due to the motion detectors.

But a relieving feature of Beltronics V10 is its compatibility with the Escort Live app, using a Smart-Cord. BY doing so, you will get a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone that allows you to integrate and receive all the real time traffics threats and speed camera, red light camera and speed trap alerts from fellow drivers.


  • Long detection range
  • Auto-Scan mode that reduces false alarms drastically
  • 3 sensitivity mode: Highway, Auto-Scan and City
  • Digital and clear voice alerts
  • Programmable design that can be customised according to individual preferences
  • Amazing Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that helps reduce false alerts
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Bright display and control with dark mode
  • Auto-Mute
  • 360 detection feature
  • Police RDDs spectre alerts in your vicinity


  • Lack of built-in GPS
  • Lack of alert and control features
  • Few false alerts in city mode
  • Un-adjustable alert volume

Key Features to Consider

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#9. Recommendation – Radenso Pro SE Radar Detector

Radenso Pro SE is one of the most sensitive radar detectors which has the longest radar detection range, especially on K and Ka band. It comes in a very small size but gives an exceptional performance with 4dbm more sensitivity on the K and Ka band, making it the perfect detector for highway and city driving.

4.1 Overall
Radar Range

Radenso Pro SE is a GPS enabled radar detector, which gives a commendable performance. The GPS feature enables fixed photo radar and red light camera alerts along with the ability to lock known false alerts manually. You can also enable low speed muting and city speed filtering that gives an amazing driving experience even in the urban areas.

Radenso Pro SE radar detector comes with easy advanced programming that allows selection of various options like sensitivity, filtering, brightness, volume and much more. It is also equipped with 2 levels Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) filtering, that enables detecting and filtering a lot of false alerts.

It has 3 sensitivity modes namely Highway, City and Auto-City, with highway mode being the most sensitive one, while the City and Auto-City mode are something to look out for in the Radenso Pro SE.

It has a large OLED display with 7 options including time, speed, speed/time, speed/compass, speed/voltage and battery voltage. It has very clear and understandable voice alerts in a series of beeps and tones that indicate the strength and closeness of the threat. You never have to take your eyes off the road with such amazing and clear voice alerts.

The major drawback of Radenso Pro SE is its low detection ability of X-band. It mainly focuses on detecting K and Ka band as they are the usually encountered ones. Another drawback of this amazing radar detector is that it is not stealth to Spectre radar detector detector (RDD). Also, the display is difficult to read in bright lights and sunlight. But considering its amazing long range detection of K and Ka-bands, it can be said that Radenso Pro SE is one of the best radar detectors available in the market.


  • Very small size
  • Amazing sensitivity to K and Ka-band radars, especially 34.7 Ghz
  • Very good at filtering K-band CAS
  • Speed sensitive filtering and low speed muting
  • Twice the radar sensitivity as compared to other radar detectors
  • 360º detection Exceptional range on K and Ka bands
  • 2-level Traffic Sensor Rejection Filter (TSR) low and high
  • 3 levels of sensitivity: Highway, City and Auto-City Mode
  • Built-in GPS and photo enforcement database
  • Pre-loaded data base of red light cameras and GPS speed
  • Very less false alerts
  • Lot of advanced filtering options
  • Large multi-functional display with bright, dim and dark display modes
  • Smart dark display mode that turns on only during alerts
  • Amazing voice alerts with different beeps and tones
  • Optional power cord with ON/OFF button
  • Free updates of GPS for lifetime
  • Easily updatable firmware at home
  • 2 year long warranty


  • Difficult to read the display in bright lights
  • Low sensitivity to X-band
  • Not stealth to Spectre radar detector detectors RDD
  • Detection performance could be compromised while filtering K-band CAS systems

Key Features to Consider

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#10. Recommendation – Whistler CR93 Radar Detector

Whistler CR93 is one of the most capable radar detectors.  It gives an amazing performance and higher sensitivity in detecting K and Ka-band frequencies. It is a very technical radar detector and is very quick at detecting and alerting radars. The radar ramps are also instant and give a good performance. Trailing alerts are another great feature which is again better than most of the high end models out there. It offers a lot of amazing features considering its reasonable price.

It is a very technical radar detector and is very quick at detecting and alerting radars. The radar ramps are also instant and give a good performance. Trailing alerts are another great feature which is again better than most of the high end models out there. It offers a lot of amazing features considering its reasonable price.

It is a very technical radar detector and is very quick at detecting and alerting radars. The radar ramps are also instant and give a good performance.

Trailing alerts are another great feature which is again better than most of the high end models out there. It offers a lot of amazing features considering its reasonable price.

4.3 Overall
Radar Range

At such a low price, it offers a lot of amazing features including the newest feature of novel filtering and muting capabilities also known as FDSR. This feature helps to detect and inform the driver of a vehicle that is using K-band radar and is in close proximity, in order to avoid a collision. Another accomplishment of Whistler CR93 is that it does the detection without digital signal processing (DSP). The radar detector still does a good job of detecting threats even when the FDSR is disabled.

The sensitivity of Whistler CR93 is amazing and filtering is also quiet noticeable with very less false alerts. The signal strength is very quick responding and accurate. The redesigned antenna offers improved off-axis detection. It also displays the pulse rate of police radars which is a very unique and useful feature. This feature is not available even in the high-end models of radar detectors.

The GPS capability is another great feature of the Whistler CR93. It comes along with a photo enforcement protection that alerts as you approach the locations. It can be updated easily at home using the USB data cable provided. The construction is quiet strong and made of low impact plastic which is resistant and good for rough use.

Whistler CR93 is the first ever radar detector that has bilingual support. It provides voice alerts and OLED text display in English and Spanish. The voice alerts are very clear and give out all the information without distracting your driving. The OLED display is also easy to read from any angle, thanks to the higher resolution. The brightness of the display screen is adjustable; you can set the brightness levels according to your preference.

A major drawback is a low sensitivity to X-band caused by the high amount of sensitivity to K and Ka-band. The Whistler CR93 gives amazing performance and is value for money.


  • Exceptional sensitivity to a K and Ka-band
  • Ability to detect police radar instantly
  • Amazing trailing alerts and alert ramps
  • Able to display frequency of police radars
  • Advanced FDSR filter that informs the driver of a vehicle with K-band in close proximity
  • Easy firmware update at home
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Bilingual voice alerts in both English and Spanish
  • Bilingual OLED display in both English and Spanish
  • GPS capability that alerts your about the red light, speed camera, speed traps and various other threats and Photo enforcement database
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)
  • Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR)
  • Easy programming
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year


  • Lacks of DSP
  • Low X-band sensitivity
  • Detection performance could go down while filtering K-band CAS system

Key Features to Consider

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Purpose of Police Radar

Traffic laws and traffic police exist for a reason. Traffic laws are a way of facilitating communication in a non-verbal way between you and the other drivers you share the road with, for your ease and safety. One of the ways police enforces these laws is by using radar technology to measure how fast vehicles are traveling. There are various other methods as well.

A police officer uses his radar gun to measure the speed of a car. A radar gun can measure Doppler Effect on moving vehicles to determine the speed with high accuracy, as long as the radar gun is calibrated. A radar gun can determine the strength of the wave, which can help you know how close you are to the object. Radar guns in the U.S. are only allowed to work on three radar frequency bands – X-band, K-band, and Ka-band. Hence, every radar detector should be able to detect these frequencies.

The biggest misconception about Radar detectors is that they are illegal to use. And this myth is not clearead by most of the Radar Detector Reviews on the web.  Radar detectors are legal to use in private vehicles, which means you can legally use a radar detector in your vehicle unless you are not a commercial truck driver. But radar detectors are illegal in very few places like Virginia, some parts of Columbia, and every U.S. military base.

Range & Sensitivity of Radar Detection

Another misconception about radar detectors is that they are “looking” for radar guns. But the fact is radar detectors are actually passive and they can only listen. Other Radar Detector Reviews will not focus on this point but we bring the best to you so here’s something for you to learn about Range and Sensitivity of a radar jammer in our Radar Detector Review.

A solution to this is, every radar detector has various sensitivity settings like highway, city-mode etc., The setting that gives you the most range is the highway setting. You can use this setting on the highway as you are less likely to receive false alerts. City settings are less sensitive. Some settings can also eliminate the X-radar band from detection at once. Many radar detectors are also equipped with digital signal processing (DSP). If you use DSP in a specific area, it learns with time which alerts are real and which are false alerts.

Are Radar Detectors a good Investment?

The best radar detectors with good features usually cost between $300 and $650, which is a big investment. But the question is, is it worth it? Or are the radar detectors just an unimportant and expensive accessory.

Considering the average cost of a speeding ticket in the U.S., which is $150. Also, fines can vary drastically depending on where you get the ticket. Plus, taking into account any increase the speeding ticket has on your insurance premium. When a radar detector helps you avoid tickets, it will pay for itself within a few months.

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Investing in a radar detector is not necessarily to avoid costly tickets if you drive within the legal parameters. They help you maintain awareness of your driving habits.

Choosing between Affordable and Expensive Radar Detectors

The detection abilities of any affordable radar detector are not any different from the expensive models. The difference basically lies in the number of alert and control features it has. Affordable radar detectors generally do not have the built-in GPS, which provides better filtering of false alerts and location marking. They also lack Bluetooth, which allows combining with a community-sharing app Pro Advice: Escort has the best radar detector app, so if you are app driven then you know where to look.

The more affordable radar detectors are usually the most popular ones, but many of the reviews have issues with false alerts. The expensive radar detectors have a higher rate of positive reviews compared to the affordable ones.

Testing Radar Detectors

Testing radar detectors accurately in a short period of time is relatively difficult and Radar Detector reviews are the only thing you can rely on until you spend some good time using it, Radar detectors are very much prone to false alerts when you first buy them. Later as you drive, the digital signal processor eventually differentiates the frequency of an automatic door opener from that of a police radar and the false alerts are slowly reduced. Hence, you would not know the effectiveness of your radar detector until you have used it for a few months.

Features of a Radar Detector

Radar detectors with a combination of excellent range and accuracy are the best. The control and alert features keep you aware of your driving habits. Hence, choosing a radar detector with the best features is very important.  Below are some features that you need to look out for:

Alert Features

Control Features

Other Features

Help & Support

Most of the best radar detectors have a one-year warranty. The manufacturers of the best radar detectors have a helpline to help you via phone, email and live chat. You can also read the user manuals the manufacturer provides which have all the information about the radar detectors. These user manuals help you to get the most out of your radar detector. There are also FAQs pages, user forums, and tutorials that offer you all the help you need anytime.

Design and Dimension of an ideal Radar Detector

Dimensions of best radar detector are usually irrelevant to most buyers, as they occupy a very little space. However, there are special radar detectors that are designed to be concealed. Even though all the radar detectors have different dimensions, their weight is almost always similar or the same since they are very small in size. Most of the radar detectors come with a quick-release suction cup so it is easy to remove the detector from your dashboard. Some radar detectors can be simply plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Some are cordless and depend on battery power, while others are wired directly into the dashboard.

Installing a Radar Detector

It is important to place a radar detector at a perfect spot for it to function properly. Most users suggest installing the radar detector on the lower side of the windshield or placing it on the dashboard.

Darker tints and windshields with metallic films can disrupt the detector’s capability to sense incoming signals. Hence, it is important to check for these factors before installing your radar detector. Darker tints can make it up to 37 percent less effective, and windshields with metallic sun blocks can reduce up to 95 percent of its ability to sense incoming signals.


So this is the list and detailed and the best radar detector reviews of the 10 Best Radar Detectors in the market. You can never go wrong with any of them. It all depends on your budget, feature priorities and the area you drive mostly.

I hope this article has helped you in having a deep and better understanding and knowledge about the various features of Radar Detectors. You can now narrow down your choices based on the features that you are looking for.

Drive safe and protected with these best of all Radar Detectors.

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