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Best Cobra Radar Detectors 2017

Being pulled over for speeding is an unfortunate event that costs people money and time. Smart car owners equip their cars with a radar detector that anticipates the presence of police radar, allows them to slow down and avoids getting a ticket.  Radar detectors are legal in most states and only a few states prohibit their use in non-commercial vehicles. While shopping for radar detectors, there are a number of brands and models to choose from. The best way to shop is to select a quality brand like Cobra, which has a prominent online presence, evaluate each of the models and select the most appropriate one for you. Cobra Radar Detectors have cutting-edge technology that assists in countering police radars as well as other threats on the road.

Cobra Electronics Corporation is a worldwide fashioner and advertiser of versatile route items like Cobra Radar Detectors worldwide. With its formation of the world’s first CB radio about 50 years ago, Cobra Electronics has developed and grown into an extensive cluster of creative items for expert drivers and driving lovers.

Best Cobra Radar Detectors

There are many models of the Cobra radar detectors to choose from. Each model has its own unique features and best in class technology. Here, we focus on radar detectors that offer the highest levels of responsiveness for motorists.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Radar Detector

The DSP 9200 BT is Cobra’s most exceptional framework. It is the organization’s first computerized detector. It incorporates a new Advanced Frequency Display Mode for deciding precise frequencies and alarming the client with a realistic showcase.

DSP stands for digital signal processing, which is the most useful addition to the radar detector industry. DSP products use powerful microchips to quickly analyse incoming signals, comparing them to known police frequencies and cut back false alerts. It is always connected to the iRadar app and receives alerts from other drivers.

The reduction in false signals is good. The DSP 9200 BT’s processor has improved range and sensitivity which picks up the 5-0 from several blocks away on K, Ka, and X-band frequencies. It also has a nifty display graph on the screen, which tells you how strong the signal is. It has a 3modes to help eliminate false alarms, Highway (most sensitive), City (ignores X-band signals), and City Max (maximum filtrations).

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The DSP 9200 BT is impressively sensitive, has a high range and is very simple to setup. Another feature is SpeedMute, which allows the driver to silence unwanted notifications while driving below a certain speed. The AutoCity function automatically switches between City and Highway modes based on velocity. With these innovations, the DSP 9200 BT is the most intense, precise, sophisticated and practical detector available.


Cobra SPX 7800 BT Radar Detector


SPX 7800 BT is a Bluetooth enabled radar detector with a full-color LED display that makes reading the alerts much easier and has 15-band detection that is notable at first use itself.

The 15 band detection is impressive and represents three types of signals: radar, laser and safety systems. Within these, it detects seven radar signals, of which three are radar-detector detectors (RDDs). Along with alerting you to speed traps, speed cameras, and red-light cameras, it also gives you information from other users about various threats via the iRadar app.

Connecting to your smartphone with the built-in bluetooth, it integrates with the threat-sharing app Cobra iRadar for Cobra Radar Detectors. It also uses your phone’s GPS to mark locations and alert you to red light and speed cameras. It is a wonderful radar detector with good sensitivity and accuracy, but it lacks the alert and control features that require GPS. However, this can be controlled with the iRadar app. Since the radar detector lacks a built-in GPS, all of the GPS-related features that the app provides are dependent on your phone.

Most of the users are happy with its performance. The most common user review was the clear, high-resolution and multi-colored display. The Cobra SPX 7800BT is an excellent and top-of-the-line radar detector. It is a capable device that exceeds the industry standard by a long shot.

Cobra XRS 9370 High-Performance Radar Detector


The Cobra XRS 9370 Radar Detector offers a surprisingly wide range of alerts. It picks up 14 different bands, including the ultra-fast POP mode which is used by some radar guns and the KU band that’s being used in parts of Europe.

It can hide from radar detector detectors (RDDs) such as Spectre I, Spectre IV, and VG-2. Driver alerts appear in form of a letter code and a signal strength number ranging from 5 to 1. Also, different adjustable alarms increase in frequency as the driver approaches the radar source.

XRS 9370 offers a “Safety Alert” system that warns of nearby road hazards and emergency. There are two operating modes: “highway” and “city.”, of which city mode is a less-sensitive setting that attempts to reduce false alarms. Cobra Radar Detectors also has a “Stay Set” memory that remembers your choices, even when you’re disconnected.

The Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector is an exceptionally good deal. The range of bands it can detect is as good as any model that cost a lot more. You cannot beat the feature set you get for the price. It also has a safety alarm system and a sensitivity that is perfectly adequate.

The only drawback of this device is that it does not have GPS, otherwise, it is just unbeatable. Overall, the Cobra XRS9370 has consistent high user satisfaction ratings and delivers tremendous performance for the price.

Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 Atom Radar Detector


The iRAD 900 Atom Cobra radar detector is a capable device for observing the street ahead for pace traps and street risks. It detects all kinds of radar guns used by the police. The cell phone application and AURA database develop the ready range considerably and diminish false cautions while alerting for speed and red light cameras. It is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones.

The iRAD 900 provides 360-degree protection. It alerts to speed and red light cameras, dangerous intersections and known speed traps. It has 4 modes including the city mode and highway mode, with different sensitivities and controls, and also has a mute button which can be customised.

The iRadar Atom (iRAD 900) collects everything in a smaller package. It helps the driver keep their speeding in check while reducing the fear of speeding tickets. With the help of the iRadar app, the iRad 900 Atom becomes a powerful tool for monitoring the road ahead for speed traps and road hazards.

The iRad 900 Atom, as the name suggests is a smaller size, which is another positive factor. With the support of cell phone and the iRadar app, it displays visual alerts from the detector on your phone and also plays audio tone alerts for radar bands. It also connects to iRadar Atom detector via Bluetooth and allows wireless programming of iRadar detector settings. It is the best radar detector for its price.


There are wide arrays of features you can get with a good radar detector, from signal filtering to auto-learning to GPS.


Cobra introduces the Bluetooth connected iRadar app which is available for iOS and Android devices. With iRadar drivers can pin notifications for threat areas, red-light cameras, and speed traps on a local map. Users can also report threats to iRadar community directly from the app. When a beam is detected, an alert is automatically sent to Cobra’s servers, and then routed to other drivers approaching the vicinity. There are also music and navigation controls embedded inside iRadar. The navigation app is very simple to use.

On top of the group based risk sharing and identification abilities, the new Cobra iRadar App Version 4.0 offers effective driver devices from inside of the iRadar application. The pivoting guide with a programmed zoom highlight permits iRadar to indicate a greater amount of the street ahead. This enhances the driving knowledge of people and the ability to see ready areas well before time.



These top-of-the-line Cobra radar detectors are a great investment and have a wide variety of protective features. A radar detector is an extraordinary device that assists you in staying cautious. The best radar detectors work silently in the background and it does what it is designed to do. With Cobra radar detectors you will be sheltered. Buyers must choose only the best model to have superior safety and protection features.